jute bags for gifts

wholesale jute bags pouch linen high quality

They are durable and perfect for my small business. Using these to hold activated charcoal for odor control in a couple of places around the house. The primary use is in cold room that holds produce, wine and other things that need a fairly cool and constant temperature setting. The dampness can create some musty smell and hanging a few bags of activated charcoal has improved the issue. These bags work great for holding the charcoal and don’t seem out of place. Have bought these twice for projects and will probably buy them again. Great size options. These worked perfectly for my dog advent calendar! I was nervous buying them online but had zero luck finding them in store without dishing out a ridiculous amount of money on them. They can hold a few medium sized biscuits. The material is strong but remember the type of material too, as I quickly learned when painting them that the paint can seep through all the way. Not a big issue besides cosmetic but it isn’t noticeable with how we have it set up. Overall it did an amazing job with exactly what I wanted, I have these saved in my craft list for future crafts that these may come in handy for! These bags are nice and perfect for what we needed them for. Packaging was fine and nothing was damaged. However, I had to take away a star as they are smaller than 5×7 so I am glad I sized up. I have a picture of one laying on top of a 5×7 envelope for comparison. I even double checked the bag to make sure I got sent the right size, they’re just slightly small. My family loved what I did with them. I shared them with the whole family. I purchased these to use for an advent Christmas ornament calendar. They worked amazing and I’ll be able to use them for lots of years to come! Got these to use as party favor bags, super cute. They’re as pictured and I think a good value for what I paid. Only one of them in the whole pack had a messed up string but was easy to fix. I’d buy this again if the need arose.



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