small soft suede envelope silver gold plat

packing pouch suede jewelry pouch with custom logo

Very nice little pouches for holding small items. I use them to safely store antique clock parts, extra ear buds and thumb drives. The pouches are a very deep blue color. Dark enough that they look like almost black in normal room light. However in sunlight they are blue. These are perfect for what I need them for little bag for a little gift!!! If you’re in this for something that’s super fuzzy to the touch you should probably keep looking. They aren’t abrasive but they don’t feel anything close to velvet. If you don’t care about that these are the way to go. They seem well sturdy and well made and they look really nice. i thought they were pretty nice bags. They are gorgeous. A little lopsided but gorgeous. These little 4 inch by 3 inch blue velvet pouches are soft, elegant, and a good value for the money. My first purchase arrived timely from Amazon Prime, sealed in a bag that was within an Amazon bubble envelope.. I received all 50 drawstring pouches/bags, as well as the little Kupoo gift. The richly-colored velvet pouches are uniform in size, have neat stitching, pretty drawstrings, and are perfect for small gifts (rings, earrings, a silver necklace or bracelet that can be “snaked” into a small circle, a silver book mark, an unusual coin, money, a “love” note, candy, etc). I am able to put a restaurant gift card inside of the bag and close the drawstrings, but they then have to be knotted to enable the pouch to remain closed. Someone could also chose to insert a gift card and then clip or pin the top closed. The pouch with gift inside could be given by itself, included within a box with other gifts, hidden in a puzzle box, or even tied to the outside of something as an extra little surprise. To help to clarify the internal space: pouches will each hold 15 kiss chocolate candies, or two fun size candy bars (the little ones that come in a long six-pack for about $1.00 to $1.25. per pack). These are great little pouches. I am pleased with their quality, and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again. Perfect for what I needed. Small, about the size of a standard business card. These little pouches are well made and have a nice soft fabric. Many of the different pouches I have tried that say they are velvet are actually stiff but these are soft. They are well made – well cut and even stitching on the sewing. They have a satin cord. Really great quality, especially for the price.



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