jewelry pouch africa style draw string

necklace packaging jewelry box with pouch and bag

Perfect size to store jewelry in my purse on the go. The metal clasp closure seems sturdy enough. There’s also a partition inside that can separate jewelry pieces as well. Do consider purchasing!! Great packaging for handmade bracelets. I like it more than the bulky boxes I used to use. I bought these to gift jewelry in for my friends -and they loved the pouches! They’re super cute and good quality for the price. I was surprise and very happy of the quality! Exactly like the picture. So theyre as described and they feel ok, but be aware the inside of the pouch where the button is the metal backing of the button is exposed and will be up against any jewellery or whatever you put inside scratching the hell out of it. It should have material/fabric covering the back of the button. This will hold earrings, bracelet, small necklace. Great quality and beautifully made. Great quality! Adds a special touch to jewelry pieces. I was pleasantly surprised with the construction, material and overall appearance of these pouches when they arrived! They are perfect for my needs and a great value and price for this type of product. Also, the color is PERFECT. It’s beautiful for package my earring. No more earring cards for me. Using these really gave my stuff a nice polished look. A lot better than the earring cards I was using. And it’s something the recipients can keep instead of throw away. These saved me time and money (mostly time). I’d prefer to purchase in larger quantities, but this works too. Excellent quality, lovely, soft, pink color, soft and make a wonderful first impression! I ended up up buying these for my business and they were the perfect sandy tan color, beautiful suede it was honestly what was shown and felt high quality also very affordable i will purchase again.



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