jewelry gift dust pouch

jewelry drawstring pouch bag velvet gift bag

The quality is amazing!! Exactly as I wanted them to be. Thank you so much. I’m loving this microsuede bags. Perfect to put jewelry in or any other treasure to keep it safe. Sturdy little bag with a nice tuck in flap stays put. Well worth the money. I don’t know much about how well these work for jewelry but they are fantastic for camera filters (up to 62mm). I hate the boxes that filters come in so I wanted something to protect the filters while taking up less space. These fit the bill. My wife was grumbling about her necklaces being tangled up, and then I saw these pouches. She has several jewelry pouches but said she likes these better because they are stiff and have a fold-over flap that stays closed because you can tuck the flap under a strip of fabric. She was delighted with the pouches and the thoughtfulness of her husband! That’s a win-win. These microfiber jewelry pouches are perfect for traveling. They’re so thin yet constructed well to protect your jewelry. I’m always trying to save space when I travel (only a carry-on for me) so these are great for keeping my jewelry organized while saving space. I will also use them at home to separate my necklaces from my earrings, I hate when a necklace gets tangled up with other jewelry. they’re soft and the beige color I got is very classy and pretty. As an online retailer myself. I use these to package the luxury gently used jewelry and other small items that I ship out as a little Thank you gift to my customers, And they are absolutely perfect. I love that it has that little band where you can tuck the outer flap into it to secure it and that inside it has two sections with a divider of the same fabric so that you can put say a necklace in one part and a matching set of earrings and the other part. I very highly recommend getting these or any of the other products that are similar that they sell. Oh also! They do not have any kind of branding on them which I very much appreciate. Use these for bracelets that I give as gifts. They not only liked the bracelets but these little pouches. Also great to separate jewelry for travel.



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