soft velvet pouch

Great Quality, Appearance, Service and Price

I liked the larger ones so much for storing my bracelets, necklaces and watches, I bought the smaller ones which are perfect for storing my earrings. First of all, the bags don’t look cheap which was important for me even if they’re just for me. I find that they’re good quality and quite flexible but not the floppy soft ones you sometimes see. The outside of the bag is soft with a velvet finish and has a smooth lining inside which ensures that nothing gets scratched. I should mention that if you want to store long dangling earrings, these little bags might be too small so I will use the larger bags for the few extra long earrings that I have. Another thing I like about the bags is that I can travel with them without having to take my jewelry out and put it in something else (Note: I do not suggest putting them in your checked luggage for obvious reasons). I am very happy with this product and would not hesitate to use them as gift bags if the occasion arises. Highly recommend.



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