drawstring cotton pouch

cotton gift packaging pouch

I’m moving and was looking for an option for jewelry storage that would take up less space than boxes, but that would keep pieces separate. I wanted something that was natural fiber, because that is an important consideration for me. The 5×7 bags are perfect and the little label helps me to identify which piece is which.

I had not thought of using the larger sizes as re-usable produce bags, but after finding these I am ordering some of the larger size for produce. I don’t use plastic bags for much produce shopping but some things it is nice to have them bagged and this is a great option that breathes so your produce wont rot- also MUCH better for mushrooms. And these are totally washable so I can just throw them in with a load of towels (I assume).

I’ll be getting some larger size for groceries and I will be recommending and gifting these to friends who are like minded as well!



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